Maverick Wildlife Filmmaker & Photographer

About Kim Wolhuter

Photographer, Filmmaker, Conservationist
A one-time game ranger with experience in the military, Kim is a maverick wildlife filmmaker with an extraordinary ability to befriend wild animals back home in southern Africa. Watch him on MAN, CHEETAH, WILD on the Discovery Channel.

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  • Baboons in a Mashatu

    Baboons in a Mashatu

    Mechanic Wolhuter didn’t actually have to do much, thankfully, and my 28 year old vehicle is again purring like only she can. She’s been amazing reliable all this time, never having broken down on my properly. Only once did I have to walk home when a badly worn tie rod end eventually gave in. That reminds me, I’ve currently got one that’s niggling. Need to change it.Continue reading

Even though I live this most magical life, I never take it for granted and am happy for every day that I’m out here.
I get more intimate than they do.