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Photographer, Filmmaker, Conservationist
A one-time game ranger with experience in the military, Kim is a maverick wildlife filmmaker with an extraordinary ability to befriend wild animals back home in southern Africa. Watch him on MAN, CHEETAH, WILD on the Discovery Channel.

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  • My Spotted Friends

    Their thundering calls were already booming across the bushveld when the first hint of dawn was on the horizon. I was about to record the Ground Hornbills when a jackal’s mobbing calls had me change plans. Heading east in the open savannah was easy going with the only cover being little Sida bushes. It was […]Continue reading
  • Lion manners

    20th August 2019 I spent a long night with the girls. The same 2 lionesses from last night. They crossed the track in front of me. The 2nd lioness didn’t follow her friend, she came straight towards me. As if that wasn’t enough, she came round to my door a hands reach away staring up […]Continue reading
  • Hunting with lions

    It’s hazy, almost misty, the grass still green on the flat ground where the pan used to be but has now dried up. Herds of Eland and Waterbuck are making the most of the only greenery in this dry dusty landscape. I’ve stopped to type here, the morning still cold and fresh, in the hope […]Continue reading
  • Leopards corner

    There are vultures flying overhead. Didn’t think I looked that ready to be their meal. I thought they were onto something but for now are just catching the first thermals of the day.
Driving along the river on the edge of the tall trees, the ground is bare. Grey dusty alluvial soils. A herd of impala […]Continue reading

Even though I live this most magical life, I never take it for granted and am happy for every day that I’m out here.
I get more intimate than they do.